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In use 300,000 times

Our IMS have proven themselves more than 200,000 times. These are composed of a refined hardware and the software ARIMS. In the context of Business 4.0, SmartBin develops its full potential and is used in the manufacturing industry, in the medical field and in the maintenance sector completely regardless of the industry. SmartBin is used wherever material is moved, stored and consumed.


Our data collection starts with the hardware. It is the interface between the real and digital world. An order is triggered through sophisticated sensors in the form of weight sensors or through a semi-automatic system SmartLabel. The data can be incorporated into your IT infrastructure in any form via the software ARIMS.


An electronic Kanban for consumables was born 20 years ago with SmartBin and thus was built on proven manual Kanban solutions. Weight sensors constantly monitor the warehouse, thereby ensuring the supply. The hardware was adapted to the market requirements through continuous developments.

In addition to stationary systems, flexibly placeable containers that are connected with weight sensors can also be utilized. Depending on the requirements, various weight sensors can be used that range from a load limit of a few kilograms to one ton. The application range thus reaches from small parts warehouses to central warehouses.


The electronic label SmartLabel not only works informatively by providing you with details about the stored material, but it also has a built-in ordering option. Orders can easily be made without additional equipment at the push of a button. In addition to the material information, the delivery quantity and the delivery date are also shown. The supply assistant or the department employee knows immediately when the replenishment arrives.

The existing warehouse infrastructure remains the same and is enhanced by the SmartLabel.


Automated – Intelligent – Controlled

Bossard SmartLocker is a fully automated, highly intelligent and access controlled inventory system, ideal for storing your consumables and high value items.

The stored items can only be accessed by RFID recognition allowing full access- and usage-control. Moreover, SmartLocker automatically informs you on replenishment needs and all relevant inventory data is transmitted to the ARIMS operational dashboard.