«How Wipro GE Healthcare India went from   139 suppliers for C-parts, to just one – Bossard»

Wipro GE Healthcare India began working with us in 1999. As their strategic partner, we have covered a lot of territory since then, we have overcome countless hurdles, and we have reached just as many milestones. This journey began with the delivery of some 50 different fastening elements; today we provide 1 750 parts. And no end is in sight because this positive development benefits both parties. India is growing, Wipro GE Healthcare is growing, and Bossard India is also growing.

In my native India, Wipro GE Healthcare is renowned for the outstanding quality of its medical devices such as X-ray units, CT systems and ultrasound equipment. This reputation is well-deserved:

Wipro GE Healthcare has very high standards – for itself and its suppliers. This means for us, we not only have to find solutions but sometimes invent them for our client.

For instance when dealing with prototypes, our core competence has helped find the right solution for complex fastening problems. We have also advised Wipro GE Healthcare on standardization and consolidation of its parts lists, as well as in questions of simultaneous engineering, that is, efficiently managing the interchange between product development and application.

Based on our excellent collaboration, Bossard India has built a warehouse close to the Wipro GE Healthcare facilities in Bangalore as supply hub. With the Bossard Inventory Management system, we successfully reduced the number of C-parts suppliers at Wipro GE Healthcare from 139 to 1.

A good example of how well this partnership works is that we do not visit the customer for quarterly reporting but instead we invite them to our facilities for a look behind the scenes. After all, it is people who store Bossard’s knowledge. Through such personal contacts we strengthen our business relationship further.

Of course, the numbers must add up at the end of the day. Wipro GE Healthcare regularly reviews our performance using a set assessment matrix. In short, Bossard India is doing very well. Wipro GE Healthcare had already selected us as their best provider in 2002. In 2013, we were invited once again to Milwaukee where we had been nominated for the Global Supplier of the Year award.