Cantonal Hospital Aarau [KSA]

The demand for efficiency, short response times and maximum availability is very high in the health sector. It is ultimately about preserving the most important things: life and health. A well-trained team of medical personnel not only takes care of tasks on patients, but is also busy with administrative tasks. Time is ultimately lacking when it comes to caring for patients.

In light of the background just described, implementing the awareness in the health care sector of cost-efficient procurement processes that are electronically supported and without media disruption have a high priority. Reto Bucher and his team have created the following conditions for the KSA ward supply.

  • Relief for care personnel
  • Elimination of errors
  • Increased quality
  • Minimization of “non-value creating activities”

Based on these conditions, the requirements for a system were defined that are to be used in this application area.

  • A logistics system that allows for highly automated processes.
  • It should be possible to order the required materials without media disruptions, automatically and independently of time.
  • The supply cycle should be simpler, faster, safer and of course lower cost.
  • The ward stocks are to be managed with system support.

These requirements involved the evaluation of a suitable solution. In addition to scanning versions, RFID and manual ordering possibilities, the SmartBin system was also taken under consideration.

This solution is the only one to make it possible to continuously monitor stock through a warehouse facility equipped with sensors. In addition, orders are automatically transmitted to the central warehouse, processed into picking orders there and distributed to the wards in the next distribution cycle.

Figures and data

100 products were evaluated that are new.

  • The average storage quantity could be reduced by 60% (17,500 pcs to 6,500 pcs).
  • It was possible to reduce the average storage value by 54% (from 4,800 to 2,300).
  • The storage value can be displayed “automated”